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The “Trust the Universe” mala features amazonite, mountain jade, and brown lava stone. With each bead strung and each knot tied, I repeated the mantra “I trust that the Universe is taking loving care of me.” My hope is that using or wearing this mala gives you the same sense of peace, calm, and trust that I had while creating it.

  Amazonite is soothing to all of our chakras, but it is particularly helpful for the heart chakra and the throat chakra because it enhances our communications surrounding love.

  Mountain jade relieves sorrow in such a way that we are reminded that everything happens for a reason, and thus there is really no reason to be sorrowful. It is beneficial for manifestation, so you can co-create with the Universe the life you desire.

  Brown lava stone will absorb your favorite essential oils (just a few drops at a time—don’t douse the entire mala in oils!) so that you can receive aromatherapy benefits each time you wear or use your mala.

  The pendant on this mala is the beautiful Kuan Yin, a goddess whose name means “She Who Hears the Cries of the World.” Invoke the power of Kuan Yin to surround yourself with compassion and kindness.

  Caring for your mala: Malas are very powerful personal items that become infused with your energy and intentions. When you first receive your mala, you may wish to “charge” it in sunlight or moonlight. You may wish to set an intention for your mala, choosing a mantra or an affirmation to repeat as you pass the beads through your fingers. Malas are hand-knotted and will be durable when treated with care. Please do not get your mala wet. Do not wear during yoga or other physical activity where it could become caught on anything. Wear it with love, and feel loved with each wear!

Trust the Universe, 108 mala - Divinely Aligned Design

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