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This traditional 108-bead mala includes aquamarine, cracked agate and crazy lace agate, and brown snowflake jasper. Often when I create a mala, I have a mantra or an intention in mind before I begin. With this mala, I was open to possibility, and as I laid out the stones, the word “soothe” immediately came to mind. The calming teal blues evoke the movement of water, the sense that everything is flowing exactly as it should be, even if at times those waters are turbulent. Trust that you are in the flow, even if that path of the water is winding.

  Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It encourages learning, not just about the world around us but also about ourselves.

  Agate balances our yin and yang energy and stabilizes the aura. It awakens our inherent talents and produces inspiration from and connection with the spirit worlds.

  Jasper is often called the “supreme nurturer,” and as such, it is a very soothing stone, especially during times of transition. It can remind us that we are supported during times of isolation and also that part of our reason for being on the physical plane is to bring joy to others.

  Caring for your mala: Malas are very powerful personal items that become infused with your energy and intentions. When you first receive your mala, you may wish to “charge” it in sunlight or moonlight. You may wish to set an intention for your mala, choosing a mantra or an affirmation to repeat as you pass the beads through your fingers. Malas are hand-knotted and will be durable when treated with care. Please do not get your mala wet. Do not wear during yoga or other physical activity where it could become caught on anything. Wear it with love, and feel loved with each wear!

Soothe, 108 mala - Divinely Aligned Design

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