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This hand-knotted mala is made of wood, silver leaf jasper, moss agate, and aventurine. It has the same soothing energy as laying in the grass on a sunny spring afternoon. Malas can be worn as a long single strand or doubled for a layered look.

  Aventurine activates and clear the heart chakra. It also protects our energy from those who might drain it, making it an excellent stone for empaths. It can inspire creativity and increase perception.

  Silver leaf jasper protects against negativity and fosters connection to the grounding energies of the earth. It is considered to have a very nurturing energy.

  Moss agate attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It is beneficial for creativity and self-esteem and can help inspire perseverance and endurance.

  There are two emerald green lava stone beads in this mala, which can be used with your favorite essential oil. Apply just a few drops directly to the beads to receive aromatherapy benefits with each wear.

  Caring for your mala: Malas are very powerful personal items that become infused with your energy and intentions. When you first receive your mala, you may wish to “charge” it in sunlight or moonlight. You may wish to set an intention for your mala, choosing a mantra or an affirmation to repeat as you pass the beads through your fingers. Malas are hand-knotted and will be durable when treated with care. Please do not get your mala wet. Do not wear during yoga or other physical activity where it could become caught on anything. Wear it with love, and feel loved with each wear!

Mother Earth, 108 mala - Divinely Aligned Design

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